Six Unique and Practical Easter Basket Alternatives for Kids

Six Unique and Practical Easter Basket Alternatives For Kids

Easter baskets don’t have to be the flimsy bamboo or cheap plastic that dominate the stores this time of year. So this Easter, why not think outside of the box – or basket? 

Use Easter as an opportunity to give kids something they truly need. With these unique Easter basket alternatives, you can turn the “basket” into part of the gift and give your kids something that is both fun and functional. 

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If you’re looking for some creative, non-candy options for Easter basket fillers, I’ve got you covered there, too. Check out 60 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas Your Kids Will Love.

Easter Basket Alternative #1 - Rain Boots

It’s no secret that kids grow at an alarming rate oftentimes outgrowing clothes and shoes by the time the appropriate season cycles back around. 

By incorporating a necessary clothing item such as rain boots into gift-giving, you can kill two birds with one stone. 

Fill the rain boots with the candy and goodies of choice, and you’ll have a cute and practical alternative to the standard Easter basket.

Easter Basket Alternative #2 - Umbrellas

Easter is often accompanied by April showers. Keep your little ones dry with their very own colorful and fun umbrella. 

Place an open umbrella upside down, and you’ll have a big, bowl-like area primed and ready for filling. This is especially helpful if you’re gifting larger items such as footballs, baseball gloves or stuffed animals that may not easily fit in a standard Easter basket. 

It also makes for an impressive presentation 😉

Easter Basket Alternative #3 - Lunchbox

If your little one’s lunchbox has disappeared into the giant abyss that is the lost and found area at school, then using a lunch box in place of a traditional Easter basket may be just what the doctor ordered. 

Lunchboxes come in an endless variety of colors, characters and designs, so you should have no problem selecting one that your little one will be delighted to carry around. 

And hopefully, not lose…

Easter Basket Alternative #4 - Purse/Fanny Pack

Whether making a grocery store run or trekking cross country to grandma’s house, kids appreciate having their own personal bag to fill with the items that are most important to them. Purses and fanny packs make great compact options for just such occasions.  

Our youngest keeps her fanny pack loaded with mini figurines and toys, so she always has things to keep her entertained even when we’re on the move. And by having her own fanny pack, this mama no longer has to carry her toys when she inevitably gets distracted.

Easter Basket Alternative #5 - Duffel Bag

These days, families are always on the move. This constant movement only intensifies as kids join clubs, teams and extracurricular activities. And, as parents, we inevitably end up lugging everyone’s stuff to and fro. 

With a bag of their own, kids can easily transport their own gear to the endless number of practices, rehearsals and sleepovers. Duffel bags also keep kids organized and ensure that they always have the basic items they need at their fingertips. 

Ya know, as long as they don’t forget their bag at home. 

A duffel bag is a gift that your child is likely to use well into adulthood. Especially if you get it monogrammed with their name.

Easter Basket Alternative #6 - Beach Buckets

Beach buckets are a natural Easter basket alternative but with the added bonus of being useful after the holiday is over. If you’re planning any camping trips, beach vacations or excursions to the lake, beach buckets are a must-try option. 

They’re obviously tailor-made for playing in the sand, but they’re handy for littles in other ways as well. Because they’re so compact and easy to store, we keep collapsible beach buckets in our vehicle at all times. That way we always have something to carry our collected treasures in when we have impromptu exploring expeditions.

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5 months ago

These six practical Easter basket alternatives for kids are great. I like the beach buckets. As a grandparent, I’m always looking out for non-candy gift ideas. And my grandkids have so many toys. These gift ideas are great. Well done!

5 months ago

I really love the beach bucket idea as a mom of a one year old. Such cute ideas! Especially If you plan to take a beach trip this summer.