Free Printable Easter Activity Placemat For Easter - In Four Colors!

Free Printable Easter Activity Placemats For Kids – In 4 Colors!

Easter is associated with so many family-oriented activities – dyeing eggs, Easter service, egg hunts, parades and a big shared meal to name just a few. While the Easter meal may be among the least memorable traditions for kiddos, there are ways to make it fun. Create an extra special Easter feast for the little ones with these free printable Easter activity placemats!

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Activity Placemats Are Not Just For Restaurants

Whoever first thought to provide activity placemats to kids in restaurants deserves a medal. Seriously. 

As anyone who has eaten out with kids knows, things can turn ugly in a hurry. The music, countless conversations in the background and the general noise of busy restaurants can easily trigger sensory overload. Couple that with the impatience that comes with being “hangry” and even the best-behaved kids can slip into meltdown mode. 

The same stimulants are often present in big, shared meals at home or church. So take a queue from restaurants and provide kiddos with something to focus on besides the hustle and bustle all around them.

These free printable Easter activity placemats will keep the littles calm and content so everyone can enjoy the meal and each other’s company.

Picnic table set for an Easter Meal. Glassware, serving bowls, serving platters, food and flowers on table.
Photo by Susn Matthiessen on Unsplash

These Free Printable Easter Activity Placemats Provide Instant Fun For Kids

These free printable Easter activity placemats feature traditional games so kids can jump right into the activities – an Easter-themed word search, tic-tac-toe and a blank egg they can decorate! 

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could turn the individual activities into group games. 

Take the Easter egg decorating a step further and make it a contest issuing small trophies or goodies to the most colorful, the most ‘egg-cellent’ or best floral Easter egg.  Supply some crayons, colored pencils, markers or even stickers, and watch the creativity flow. 

Have a tic-tac-toe competition with winners advancing to face off in the last bracket. 

Or race to see who can complete the word search the fastest. One of my favorite challenges with word searches when I was a kid was to see how many other words I could find in addition to the list provided. 

With four different colors to choose from, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire or let the littles select the activity placemat in their favorite color.

Parenting Pro Tip For Big Meals

My secret tip for keeping kiddos amenable during big get-togethers and meals?


Ok, so this one may seem counterintuitive, but hear me out.

For adults, it’s no big deal to wait for a meal. Especially an abundant one that we know is going to be absolutely delicious. However, for kids, the knowledge that a meal is imminent often isn’t enough to mitigate their impatience, excitement and hunger. 

Even though kids are little people, they have big emotions. And unlike adults (well, most adults), they aren’t adept yet at understanding or verbalizing what they’re feeling. This leads to frustration, and this frustration often results in tantrums, defiance, breakdowns and outbursts. 

Kids also just aren’t going to eat as much at one time because, well, they have little tummies. Even so, they’re growing like crazy, right before our very eyes. All that growth burns a lot of calories. So a preference for grazing, or small frequent meals, is to be expected for little humans. 

Arm yourself with snacks and you’ll set your family up for success. And save your own sanity 😉

Little girl holding brown eggs up to her eyes.
Photo by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash

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5 months ago

These are a lovely idea and really beautifully made. Thank you

W. Santiago | Literal Med

Such a great idea to keep toddlers entertained, while we work. Thanks!

5 months ago

Oh my gosh, these are the cutest! And totally agree…snacks are such a lifesaver during events or large gatherings. I let the schedule go for the day and just enjoy a happy snacking toddler, lol.