St. Patrick's Day Printables

Five Free St. Patrick’s Day Printable Activities for Kids

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to create some St. Patrick’s Day printable activities for my kiddos. I love how they turned out so I decided to share them with all of you as well – for free!

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St. Patrick's Day Printable #1 - All Things Green Scavenger Hunt

St. Patrick's Day Printable - All Things Green Scavenger Hunt

The first St. Patrick’s Day printable is a scavenger hunt to discover green items. This activity is nice because it is suitable for kids of any age. With the pictures acting as the guide for this activity, even the littlest littles can participate. 

This one should also engage them for a fair amount of time leaving the adults an opportunity to catch up on some reading or get an early start on cocktail hour with this Kiwi Mojito. Remember, this is a judgment-free zone, so you do you 😉  

Continue the fun by challenging the kids to see what other green things they can find not included on the activity sheet.

St. Patrick's Day Printable #2 - How Many Words Can You Make From St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick's Day Printable - How Many Words Can You Make From The Words Above?

This St. Patrick’s day printable activity is best suited for kids 7+. My youngest daughter is 8 years old and just became really comfortable with reading and spelling in the last year or so. Our oldest dominated these kinds of activities by the time she was 6. Every kid is different and should be encouraged and supported with those differences in mind.  

For younger kids, this activity creates a great opportunity for parents or older siblings to assist and support word identification and, my very favorite thing, phonics. Yup, I’m a hooked-on-phonics kid and proud of it 😉 

This game is nice that it can be played independently as a personal best challenge or as a group.

St. Patrick's Day Printable #3 - All Things Green Trivia

St. Patrick's Day Printable - All Things Green Trivia

This is a nice game for kids of any age. For kids that aren’t strong readers yet, someone will need to read the clues to them. 

This game helps practice memory and recall. I find it fun and interesting to see how each person answers the questions differently. For instance, my first thought for something green on a sandwich was lettuce, but both my daughters answered pickles. 

Just goes to show you that there are, oftentimes, more than one right answer. I find that to be the case for most things in life.

St. Patrick's Day Printable #4 - Decode The Secret Message

St. Patrick's Day Printable - Decode The Secret Message Below

Ok, what kid isn’t a sucker for decoding a secret message? There’s just something so magical and mysterious about a secret message. 

The supplied key boasts a myriad of cutesy St. Patrick’s Day-themed pictures, so this activity is as visually appealing as it is fun to do. 

Even littles just learning their alphabet can share in the fun since they just match the letter with the corresponding picture. It’s a real confidence-builder to easily decode a message, even if a little help is needed in sounding out and reading the words. 

And don’t worry, the message is slightly cooler than ‘Drink more Ovaltine’. 

Take it one step further with older kids, and challenge them to create their own code key and messages.

St. Patrick's Day Printable #5 - What Is Your Leprechaun Name?

This one is great for the whole family. This St. Patrick’s Day printable is a little silly, but we all need more silly in our lives!

There are two keys included – one for the first letter of your name and the other for the month you were born. Just match up the corresponding leprechaun name to these items, put them together and – BAM! – that is your leprechaun name. 

For instance, my name starts with the letter H, and I was born in December. So my leprechaun name is Lucky Ginger Snap 🙂 

Take this game one step further and refer to each other only by their leprechaun name for the day. It is difficult not to chuckle every time a leprechaun name is used.

Get these free St. Patrick’s Day printable activities by clicking the button below. Once signed up, you’ll receive an email with your free, downloadable PDF. And then the fun can begin!

I hope you and the kiddos enjoy these St. Patrick’s Day printables as much as my family did. 

Be sure to drop your leprechaun name in the comments below 🙂 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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