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Hello and welcome! I’m Heather, and I am stoked that you are here!

Ever Harc is my dedicated venue for sharing accessible and affordable options for everyday life in the kitchen and the home. As a self-taught home cook and DIYer, I hope to share tips and tricks acquired on my homemade journey with you. If you enjoy cooking, crafting and creating, you are going to fit right in here. 

At the end of 2021, I left my demanding position of twelve years as an Operations Manager to focus more on my family and my well-being. As a wife and a mother, I realized that the time had come to shift my priorities to give my family more quality time rather than the dregs of what was left after years of long workdays and sleepless nights. Having always found great joy, comfort and fulfillment in creative endeavors of all varieties, I made the difficult decision to take the plunge and invest in myself. Thus, Ever Harc was born! 

Family Photo On About Page
Family Photo On About Page

I love food. Like really, really love it. I mean, not in a weird way, but it is one of the truest forms of love. Growing up, my diet consisted primarily of fast food, frozen meals and processed junk food. As such, my culinary journey amounts to a patchwork quilt of trial-and-error experiences and recipes. My cooking expeditions resemble an episode of Chopped to an alarming degree. (I daresay, I would make a tough contender on Chopped if not for my extreme camera shyness.) As is true with most things, I learned more from my mistakes than my successes. I’ll share my cooking missteps and wins with you in the Food section. 

I also take a keen interest in exploring different ways to repurpose and upcycle. Always on the lookout for ways to reduce waste, I implement realistic solutions to increase sustainability in our home. I admit it, I have a dedicated tub of soon-to-be-recycled items that I save knowing that these elements will be useful for something! If you are interested in turning trash into treasure, extending the life of everyday items or enjoy creating things with your own hands then the DIY section is worth perusing.

When I am not cooking or otherwise creating, you’ll find me crocheting or dominating at Monopoly Deal. We have also rediscovered Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy in our household, and I am always down to binge-watch Parks and Recreation. Whenever possible, I endeavor to immerse myself in poetry and Science Fiction, but it is legit hard to find time to read as a mother! Oh, and I may have a moderate-to-severe addiction to Star Wars. While there isn’t a direct quote on record, I suspect that I am the funniest person that most people know 😉

To recap, if you blare the likes of Led Zeppelin while rolling out homemade pasta, enjoy geeking out on all things Sci-Fi or are interested in simple solutions for everyday life then you are among friends here at Ever Harc. I welcome you with open arms and invite you to join me in my quest to transform simple items into delicious dishes and practical projects. 

May the force be with you, 


Family Photo On About Page


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