Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas
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60 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas Your Kids Will Love

With Spring finally upon us, that means that Easter is just around the corner. While Easter is a holiday dominated by candy, there are plenty of non-candy options out there. 

We’re not anti-candy in our home by any stretch of the imagination. I personally have a weakness for lime skittles and dark chocolate M&Ms. But there’s really only so much candy we’re going to let the kids eat. 

One of our goals is to keep gift-giving well-rounded. By gifting some useful and educational items along with the traditional toys and candy, we’re able to provide some balance to the holidays. 

Utilizing gift-giving as an opportunity to provide the kids with some items that we would likely purchase for them out of necessity anyway is an added bonus! By choosing items that feature a favorite character or color, you can easily sneak in some purposeful items, and the kiddos will still be delighted. 

Check out my favorite non-candy Easter basket ideas featuring practical, educational and, of course, fun gifts for the littles. 

Looking for even more Easter inspiration? Swing over to Six Unique and Practical Easter Basket Alternatives For Kids for some real out-of-the-basket ideas. And don’t forget to snag these free printable Easter activity placemats.

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Easter Basket Ideas - Practical Gifts

If you’re feeling froggy, you can also make your own bath bombs!

Check out the tutorial here –> Easy Homemade Bath Bombs With a Surprise Inside

Easter Basket Ideas - Arts & Crafts

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Easter Basket Ideas - Educational

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Easter Basket Ideas - Toys

Check out some of my other posts for an even bigger selection of games.

The Best Kid Games That Are Also Fun For Parents

More of the Best Kid Games That Are Also Fun for Parents

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Easter Basket Ideas - Outdoor Play

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Karen Kasberg
5 months ago

I really love this post! Just in time for me as I’m trying to think of things to give my grandkids for Easter rather than candy. I’ll be pinning this to use as a shopping guide. Thank you for taking the guess work out of the process for me 🙂

5 months ago

Some fabulous ideas here. I always do an Easter Eggs hunt and struggle with ideas for things other than chocolate eggs. This has given me lots of ideas now. Thanks

5 months ago

Great topic and great timing! These ideas are awesome. Thanks!!

5 months ago

So many fantastic non-candy ideas , I love it!