5 Free Printable Camping Games For Kids

5 Free Camping Printables For Kids

Keep your kiddos entertained on your next family camping trip with these free camping printables. With five different games to choose from, these camping activity printables provide good, clean fun for the kids. Allowing you to build a fire unencumbered. Or sunbathe while enjoying a cold beverage. 😉 

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These Free Printable Camping Games Are Fun For All Occasions

These printables are totally free and take up very little space making them the perfect camping activities for kids.

But these camping games are fun even if you aren’t roughing it in the great outdoors.

Try these fun camping games during a min camping excursion. Just pitch a tent in your own backyard and give your kids a camping experience complete with all the comforts of home. 

These free printables also make great campfire games for kids. Next time you’re sitting around your home firepit, bust out these activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Camping-themed printables also make a great addition to an outdoors-themed birthday party or event. 

If you’re like me and are constantly on the lookout for things to keep your kids independently entertained on any given day of the week, snag these camping activity sheets for your arsenal. Sometimes mamas just need a break!

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Nature Scavenger Hunt Camping Printable On White Washed Wood

This free printable camping scavenger hunt encourages kids’ favorite part of camping – exploring! Nature offers so many things to see, investigate and enjoy and this camping activity provides little ones with a guideline for their outdoor adventures. 

You can even take it one step further and provide kids with a container to collect treasures along the way. But be mindful that items should only be collected from nature in moderation and some things should not be removed from their natural habitat at all.

Camping This or That Printable Game On White Washed Wood

Camping This or That is a great low-effort activity perfect for winding down at the end of a long day of active play. This is one of our favorite evening campfire games for kids that the whole family can enjoy. 

This is especially perfect for engaging tired, restless kids who are anxiously awaiting the completion of their roasted marshmallows. It helps to take their mind off the wait while encouraging positive interactions with fellow kids and adults alike. 

And there are no wrong answers in this game, so it is fun for everyone!

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Free Printable Camping Scattergories Game For Kids On White Washed Wood

This free camping printable is a variation of the popular board game, Scattergories. Using the letters C-A-M-P, kids write down a word that starts with each letter for each corresponding category. 

The individual with the most unique answer wins. For example, for the animal category, if two kids write down crocodile for the letter C and one kid writes down chameleon, the child that recorded chameleon wins for that round. 

Oftentimes, we use this game as a brain teaser activity for everyone to enjoy. So we just take turns sharing our answers without declaring any true winners. We like to employ this tactic when playing with kids of a wide range of ages or kids that are tired and a bit on the cranky side.

Create Your Own Silly Story Printable On White Washed Wood

If you’ve ever played Mad Libs then you are familiar with how this activity is played. 

Kids choose a word for each blank depending on the part of speech or classification listed under the blank. Once all the blanks are filled in, the story is read out loud. 

The resulting stories are pretty silly and some are downright hilarious.

Be prepared to hear lots of giggles during this activity!

Be Sure To Save These Free Camping Printables So You Can Easily Access Them Later!

Free Printable Camping Charades on White Washed Wood

Camping charades is just like regular charades, but with camping-themed challenges. 

This game is super fun for kids but is also great for the whole family. 

I love to see the creative ways that kids act out their clues, and they are amazingly good at figuring out what other people are depicting. 

We like to play in groups or teams, especially when there are kids of various ages playing. But Camping Charades is also easily played as individuals. 

This fun camping game can also be played inside a tent in case of pop-up rain showers.

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Make These Free Printable Camping Activities Reusable

These camping-themed printables turned out so cute that I knew I wanted to use them more than once. 

I picked up some of these self-adhesive laminating sheets, and they honestly worked like a charm. Now we can use these fun camping games over and over again. I keep them packed with our camping gear along with some dry erase markers. 

In the past, I’ve also used binder sleeves for storing printables. I just slip my printable into the binder sleeve and tape the opening closed. Sometimes, I’ll even add a piece of cardstock so that it isn’t so flimsy. Dry erase markers work well with this application, too.  

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3 months ago

These look so fun and a great activity for kids!

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These camping printables are so cute and such a great idea as an activity for kids! Thanks so much for creating and sharing!